Agent Ransack


A powerful search engine that lets you find any file



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When you need to look for a specific document and the search engine on your system is not being helpful, Agent Ransack could be a good option to do more advanced searches and ensure you find what you need.

The program works in quite a similar way to Windows, but includes some extra features that help you get more accurate search results and find absolutely anything you need at any time.

Thanks to Agent Ransack you can forget about introducing the exact or complete name of the file you're looking for. You just have to type a word or sentence inside the text to start getting automatic results. You always have the possibility to exclude words you know aren't in the document, as well as use the 'and', 'or', and 'not' commands.

The application includes support for dozens of popular formats, so you won't have trouble searching for any type of file. It also lets you preview the content of each result – helpful to check if it is indeed the file you're looking for.
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